Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well here it is two days after Thanksgiving, but I want to say I am thankful. We had a good day and went to have our thanksgiving meal with Sherry's family, the Townsends. We were at her brother Michael's house. Not everyone was able to make it but most were able to at least come by during the afternoon or evening.

Sherry is from a family of eleven children and now there are over 50 grandkids, I lose count. Makes for large famiy get togethers. Sherry's parents raised them to love and serve God.

I am adding a video of Sherry singing with three sisters and four brothers. Two of her brothers weren't there at the time they sang this and Sherry's twin sister died over twenty years ago. It was late in the evening when they sang this and the lighting in the room is really bad. Still, if you know anything about this family and their lives and service to the Lord, this song will really touch your heart. I have heard them sing it many times and it is a blessing!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Wonderful Help Meet!

Today is our 32 anniversary and I want to say how much I love my dear wife Sherry. 32 years ago we started out on our journey together with a desire to serve the Lord. I told Sherry of my hearts desire to carry the gospel message and she said she was willing to follow me anywhere in the service of the Lord. She has certainly done that.

After being married only one year and three months we sold out, packed up, and headed to Mexico in February of 1978. Our first house had no electricity and no running water. It cost 18 dollars a month for the rent. Sherry washed all our clothes on a scrub board and that happened most of our first four years in Mexico.

Sherry has never complained about the conditions or the hardships we faced along the way. Three daughters and 32 years later, I am happy to say that she continues to help me and encourage me as we serve the Lord together.

Thank you Lord for my wonderful wife and thank you Sherry for your unconditional love. I am truly blessed!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Conference in Mexico!

We had a wonderful Pastors Conference in Atlacomulco, Mexico October the 20th through the 23rd. There was a very sweet spirit throughout the meeting and many pastors, missionaries and their families got a lot of help and encouragement. The church members there in Atlacomulco were a great blessing in serving and loving the men of God and their families.

There were a number of different preachers that preached and it was all a great blessing. I had the opportunity to preach twice a day and God certianly blessed through it all. Thank you all for your prayers for us on this trip.

I am with Jon and Rebecca Allinson in Mexico City right now and will be with them in their services today, Saturday and tomorrow on Sunday. I fly back to Atlanta on Monday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Service

I am having a wonderful time here with the Michael Hart family. They are missionaries with MWBM and doing a great job here in Bogota, Colombia, South America.

Here are a couple of pictures of the service on Sunday morning. As you can see it is a full house and we had a great time. The people listen so well and it has been a blessing to preach to them. I believe we had one saved so far and many lives have been touched.

Thank you Bro. Michael and Sister Martha for having me down here and for taking such good care of me.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Arrived in Colombia, South America!

Hello and I arrived safely here in Bogota, Colombia tonight. I had a good trip and a good visit with the Michael Hart family tonight. Pray for us as I will be preaching several times here over the next few days. I certianly desire to be a blessing.

I will try to update you more and maybe have some pictures in a day or two.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guatemala Trip

I had a real good trip to Guatemala the 23 through the 28th. We visited with the David Moore family, missionaries with MWBM. A big thank you to the Moore family for their hospitality.

Here is a slide show of pictures I took while we were there.

Thank you all for your prayers for world missions.

Roger Townsend is doing fine.

Glad to say that Roger Townsend is doing fine after their car accident. It did total their vehicle but sure glad they are alright now.

Sorry I didn't get this updated posted sooner.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Roger Townsend in wreck.

This afternoon my brother-in-law, Roger Townsend was in a bad car wreck. It took them some time to get him out of the vehicle and then transport him to the Greenville hospital. After several tests and cat scans they feel he has several broken ribs but that is all. They sent him home and as you can imagine, he will be in a lot of pain for several days. It certainly could have been much worse.
They were traveling north on Hwy 8 from Easley to Pickens when a lady either drunk or on dope came over the hill in the far left hand lane of a four lane highway. She hit a pickup head on then a second car, before then hitting Roger and his wife. Janice, Roger's wife was driving and managed to swerve enough to keep from hitting head on but that left Roger pinned in the car until the rescue unit was able to get the doors open.
We thank the Lord He was watching over them and they weren't hurt any worse.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last service in Mexico

Thank you all for your prayers. Tomorrow we make the trip back to the USA. We will catch a bus in Toluca that will take us to the airport in Mexico City (30 million people that need Jesus.) From there it is just under a four hour trip to Atlanta and our good brother Dean Hamby will pick us up at the airport.

The Lord willing I will be back in the office tomorrow (I think :-) I might just sleep in and play with the grandson before going in!

Anyway you should be able to reach me if anyone needs us for anything.

Pray for the service tonight here in Atlacomulco. It will be our last service and we are looking for the Lord to bless and touch hearts.

We were with MWBM missionaries Kevin and Rebecca Sheridan in their service this morning. We had a good service and then some hot chocolate and sweet bread after the service. Sherry and Joanna sang and I preached. The Lord is blessing the Sheridans and the work there. Keep then in your prayers.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Church in Atlacomulco, Mexico

This is a picture of the Church in Atlacomulco, Mexico where we worked for seventeen years. This church is doing well and the Lord is blessing the other churches that have been started as well. We were able to be in the church in Acambay tonight and the Lord blessed again. The folks were very happy to see us and it was so good to see them again and to see their faithfulness to the Lord and His work.

In Mexico

Hello to everyone and just a note to let you know that we are in Mexico right now. We have had some great meetings and a great time with the people here. God is sure blessing the churches and the people are serving the Lord with gladness of heart. It is great to see the Lord's hand at work.

We have been eating at so many of the people's houses that I think I must be putting on more weight! Everyone wants us to come to their house and eat with them. They are all so sweet.

We will be flying back to the states on Monday the Lord willing so keep us in your prayers. We will be in some more services here before leaving so pray the Lord will continue to bless and touch hearts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Keep praying for Lisa Simpson and her baby.

I spoke with Dr. Ronnie Simpson this evening. He is Andy Simpson's dad and he told me that Lisa is not doing very well. They are not seeing any improvements and are just trying to keep her and the baby holding their own. If there is any turn for the worse they will have to take the baby and it is earlier than they want to do that.

Just continue to pray. We just need the Lord to work on their behalf. Lisa is in the hospital and will stay there until the baby comes.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A very special prayer reqest.

Hello everyone,

Please say a special prayer for Lisa. She had to be admitted to the
hospital in Bozeman, MT today.

Her blood pressure elevated to 160 over 110 and her urine now is showing
up with large amounts of protein. On a scale of 1-4, her protein levels
were over 3. This is showing signs of preeclampsia which could become
life threatening to her and the baby.

We just left her at the hospital to return home and prepare for an
extended stay. I will be returning early in the morning for a
consultation with her doctors.

If the condition worsens, the baby will have to be delivered. She is
approximately 33 weeks. If the baby comes this week, we will have to move
to Billings, MT. The hospital there is better suited for pre-mature
births. The baby would have to remain in the hospital for about one

We would appreciate your continued prayers.


Andy Simpson
Bro. Andy Simpson is MWBM's Field Director for USA West.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coming Home!

Hello to all and thank you for your prayers for Judy and baby Ethan.

Here is a picture of Ethan in his car seat and on his way home!

We can't thank you enough for all your prayers on his behalf. As many of you parents and grandparents know, know all mommy and daddy have to do is figure out the instructions on having a new baby!

God bless you all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Latest Update.

Well, today they are saying that Ethan can't go home until Friday. Not real clear exactly what all is going on. Tonight Judy said he was eating better. They don't have him in the bed with a heater but he's still in the special nursery with some monitors on him. The only ones they are letting in to see him is mom and dad.

They let Judy out of the hospital this afternoon and they are staying in a motel just a few blocks from the hospital so they can make several trips to spend time with the baby.

Thank you for your prayers and we will update you as we know more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mommy got to hold him.

Thank you for your prayers and Ethan is getting better day by day. Sunday Judy got to hold him for the first time. They don't think he can go home until Tuesday though.

Again, thank you very much for all your prayers.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Update on Judy and Ethan

Thank you all for your prayers of Judy and her baby.

The baby is going to be staying in the nursery care here for a few days. He has what the doctors call “wet lung” which is when a c-section baby still has some fluid in his lungs after the birth. They said if they were to let him go home like that it would become pneumonia. It can take as long as seven days to get over this but hopefully it will be less than that. (The good ole internet says it takes less time than a week.) He actually seems to be breathing easier already.

Judy is doing as well as expected and thanks to the pain meds is feeling ok. Pray that she can heal and recover as quickly as possible.

Again thank you for all your prayers on our behalf. The Lord is certainly good to us and we can’t thank Him enough.

He has arrived!

Ethan Arlin Moses arrived at 7:43 AM July 11, 2008. 7 lbs, 19 inches long.

They did a c-section and are still in recovery but the proud daddy was kind enough to bring us some pictures out. Here is a look at the fine young gentlemen.

We will post another picture later and give more updates.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still waiting.

Well it is nearly 5 pm and we have been here in the hospital all day with Judy and Daniel. They decided to induce labor and see how she did. Well, after a few hours of labor pains, nada, she didn't dilate any.

The doctor said he is going to stop everything and do a c-section in the morning at 7:30 AM. We will be back here then and let you know the news as soon as we have it.

Thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hurry up and wait!

Well the hospital called late last night and told Judy she would have to have her doctor reschedule since they were out of beds. he said they had things set up for Thursday.

The only ones I every heard saying, "hurry up and wait" is the army and the doctors telling you poor ladies that are about to have a baby to go home and wait a while. Haha. Not at all funny to the moms.

So please pray for Judy and the baby and we will let you know more on Thursday. By the way, us grandparents NEVER get in a hurry! :-)


Monday, July 7, 2008

Judy Moses

I want to ask you to please pray for our middle daughter, Judy Moses. The Lord willing she will be going in to have her first baby tomorrow. The doctor talked with her today and after running several tests, he feels she should have a c-section. He left the final decision up to her but he is a very seasoned doctor who doesn't do c-sections on a whim. Please pray that the Lord will lead and comfort Judy and Daniel in this decision and that He will bless them and give the strength and health needed to both mother and son. He will be the first little man around the Kindhart family.

Thank you and God bless.

Home Going.

I know I haven't been writing in my blog much lately but here I am again. Things have been busy this past week. I'm sure most of you that read this blog knew of the home going of our dear Pastor friend, Mcholt Moore Sunday a week ago and then our dear Sis. Sandra Stewart going home to be with the Lord this past Tuesday evening.
We were able to go to both funerals. Sis. Sandra's was this past Saturday in Robbinsville, NC. Both funerals were very well attended as many came to show their love and support to the families.
Let's be in pray that God will greatly bless and encourage them. These are certainly hard times as they walk on without their loved ones. It is so good to know that the Lord will be there working and blessing in their lives.

He wont erase the hurt since that shows we are human,
He will heal the hurt because that shows He is God.
Bro. Fred

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Surgery went well.

May 8th at 4:00 pm

Dr. Green, Aaron’s pastor called and said they have finished up the surgery and everything went well.

They said the tumor was larger than they thought, but benign and there was no sign of cancer in any of the lymph nodes. They did remove the center lobe of his lung. They also said this is a very painful surgery to recover from and that he will be in ICU for two or three days.

Thank you all for your prayers for Aaron and his family and let’s continue to pray as he recovers.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pray for Aaron

I know you haven't forgotten, but pray much for our Bro. Aaron as his surgery draws near on this Thursday, the 8th.

Pray the Lord will work greatly on his behalf and that everything will go well. It is major surgery as they go in through his back and take one lobe off of his lung and remove a part of his bronchial tube and reconnect it, using a muscle from his back to tie it back together again.

Also pray for his wife and children that the Lord will be with them, comforting their hearts and meeting their every need.

The Schanks

Prayer request from the Schanks, MWBM missionaries to Nebraska.
I just wanted to send a note about my mother and her surgery. she is doing okay, after her 4 bypass heart surgery. Having difficulty breathing, but that is somewhat normal after a surgery of this nature. Keep praying...I will update later!

Andrew Schank

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on Josh Tinsley

From the Charles Tinsley family.

Wendy Tinsley reports: “I do see the results of prayer already in Josh, since we asked several people to pray after we saw the neurologist...he's only had about 3 headaches, since then, and they were not as bad as usual, so for that I am very thankful, and I know it's God, answering our prayers. But do continue to pray, as his sedated MRI will be on May2… I know it has to be done, and he will have to get an IV, so please pray it will go smoothly and as pain free as possible for him… and us…”

We appreciate so very much your prayers for Josh. Please do continue to pray for him

Bro. Tinsley

Pray for the Hill family

The Gary Hill Family
MWBM missionaries to the US Hispanics

I just spoke with missionary Gary Hill who has asked us to please pray for their 22 month old baby girl, Emma. Emma has been in the hospital since Monday with mersa or MRSA infection. They at first thought it was just a bad boil put it has turned out to be much more serious than that. As you may know, this can be quite resistant to many different antibiotics.

They thank you in advance for your faithful prayers.

Bro. Kindhart

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Missionaries soon to depart for their fields.

The John Beck family now have their visas and are just about ready to leave for Spain. They have prayed long for these visas.

The Chris McBryar family had their departure interview today and are getting ready to leave for Chile on June the 10th.

Please pray for these families. Many of you know the great amount of work that comes with getting everything ready to move to the field.

Bro. Kindhart

Amy Mussell

Sister Amy Mussell, missionary to Mexico, has been having a lot of trouble with her back. She asks that we pray she can get her health back so she can soon be leaving for the field. Her back pain has been really bad.

Bro. Kindhart

Carl Braswell

Sister Shirley called in today and said the doctors said the corrective surgery went well on Bro. Braswell. They will again have to wait for the swelling to go down and hopefully this time everything can stay in place and Bro. Carl can get the much needed help needed from this surgery.

They ask that you keep him in your prayers. He should be able to go home tomorrow.

Bro. Fred

Connie Anderson - riots in Haiti

A quick note to ask you all to pray for us. The people have taken to the streets since last weekend and there were very bad with riots here in TiGoave yesterday. In O'Cayes there were 5 killed but we have not heard yet this morning what is happening here.
The prices on things have gone sky high and it is very hard for the people to live. (Rice was $130 a sac and is now up to $220.00 as of today.) We have no idea what this is going to lead to. Please pray for our safety and for our people as well. I talked to Pastors Franck and Zizi this morning and they were fine, but very concerned. Zizi has been trying to get my supplies up here to me but to no avail. I told him that is the least of our worries, and not be out trying to get through those crowds. We are fine and can last a few days.
Thank so much for your prayers.

Connie Anderson

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pray for Curtis Couch's Dad

I just got an email from missionary Curtis Couch and he said his dad really needs our prayers. Things are not going well at all and in fact they have but him in a medically induced coma. They are still trying to find the reason for his fever. He has also had problems with vomiting and breathing.

Please pray because Bro. Bill Couch is a very sick man.

Thank you so very much.

Update on Sherry Hogan

Hello everyone,

Sherry is resting well and her pain is being managed very well at this time. They have removed the I.V. to allow her to move around more freely. Her inr number is going back up which is good. They will now treat her pain with medicine by mouth to see if it can be treated effectively once at home. Thank you all for the prayers and calls and e-mails.

Yours for Christ,

Tommy Hogan

Please pray for Joshua Caleb Tinsley

Our grandson, Joshua [Josh] Caleb Tinsley has just today been diagnosed with some brain damage. He has been a sick little boy for all of his short life of five years. Please pray that God will touch and heal Josh, but of course in the will of God. The doctor is to continue doing tests to see how severe the damage is. The entire family is devastated, but we are still trusting and believing God.

Many thanks,

Bro. Tinsley

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Urgent prayer request from the Hogans

This came in from the Barkers this afternoon and we need to be praying!

We just receive a phone call from Brother Thomas Hogan. He was calling from the emergency room. This morning about 4:00 his wife began to hurt again real bad and to become nauseated. They called the neurologist and they said to bring her back to the emergency room this morning and they are waiting to have more scans done. Please remember Brother Hogan and Mrs. Sherry. If you haven't met this couple and their family, they are a precious family. Please pray for them. Thanks! I know that you will.

Jan Barker

Update on Curtis Couches Dad

Just a note to give an update on my dad. He is still in the CCU at memorial in Greenville #4525 but is stable and making progress. His organs have begun to work normally. Bowel and kidneys have started working again, fever had gone down also. He had an absest that they worked on yesterday. He is on a wide range of antibiotics. We hope that he will be soon back to talking normal instead of not making any sense. Thanks for your prayers for my dad.


Curtis & Debra Couch

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Update on Sherry Hogan

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know the latest. The Neurologist has ordered another MRI to check for swelling on the brain. The headaches are not getting any better even with the medicine. She did begin physical therapy today and that went well. We still do not know any time frame for release. They have also had to readjust the Heparin as her blood became too low. Thank you all for your prayers and love for our family.

Yours for Christ,

Tommy Hogan

Update on Curtis Couches Dad

Just a note to let you know how my dad is doing. They took him off the ventilator today and is breathing well. They drained some more fluid out today but only a half liter. The other day it was 4 liters. His stomach still has not woken up nor has his intestines. The colon specialist is still waiting on a bowel movement, 2 weeks now without one. We ask you all to continue to pray for him and my mom.


Curtis & Debra Couch

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sherry Hogan Update

Dear friends,
March 15th update.

We received the results of the MRI of the brain that was done on Friday. The news sounds worse then it is. So here goes. The scan showed that several tiny strokes had occurred and that there was some damage to the lower part of the brain. The damage however was minimal and the doctors expect a full and complete recovery. The doctors have told us over aging how fortunate we are that nothing more serious happened. We know that the Lord was watching over us. They have started the coumadin tonight and will take three days to get it regulated. So we will be here till at least Wed. Thank all of you for your prayers and concern for my wife and my family. May God continue to bless you all.

Yours for Christ,

Tommy Hogan

Curtis Couch's Dad

This is from March 14th.

Today the doctors put my dad on a ventilator machine to help him get some rest and to build his oxygen level back up. Fluid keeps building up in his body cavity and hindering his breathing. They are going to drain it out to help him. They are trying also to find what is causing the fluid to build up so fast. Please pray for him and my mom, she needs it also.


Curtis & Debra Couch

Friday, March 14, 2008

Newest Missionaries

Hello and just wanted to let everyone know who are newest missionareis are. I'm sorry I don't have any digital pictures of them yet. There acceptance date was March 13th, 2008.

Jonathan Anderson was accepted as a church planting missionary to Mexico. Jonathan is a young, single man, that is very dedicated to serving the Lord and reaching Mexico for Christ. He comes to us from Calvary Baptist Church of Smyrna, GA.

Kevin and Nikky Griffin were accepted as church planting missionareis to Arizona. They have three children, Maggie 11, Emma 9 and Claye 7. The Griffins come to us from Victory Baptist Church of Easley, SC.

See other acceptance dates of our other missionaries at,

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sherry Hogan

Brother Kindhart,

We just received a phone call from Brother Thomas Hogan saying that his wife has the two arteries in the back of her neck that feeds blood to the brain, torn. They are transferring her to a bigger hospital in Baton Rouge. They can not do surgery on her because of the location of the arteries. Would you please put this on Macedonia's prayer request that will go out to all the missionaries. Thanks!

I will keep you posted as he lets me know updates.

Dr. Allen Barker

Thomas and Sherry Hogan are MWBM missionaries to Arizona.

Curtis Couch's Dad

Yesterday they put my dad on dialysis for the first time in the morning and later that day the doctor had to go back in because the wound had busted open and leaking. It was not as bad as he thought it would be inside but it had to be done. He also checked out the bowels to make sure it was not kinked or blocked, it was ok also. He came through the surgery and responded better this time than before. He is in icu and his nurses have said that he has done good. All vital signs are good and he is more alert than he had been. Keep praying for him and my mom.

He was put back on dialysis again and all went well with it.


Curtis & Debra Couch

Missionaries to Chile,
South America

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pastor in Virginia

Could you please send it out to everyone.

A Pastor in Virginia who I went to school with is in his mid 30's has had a massive heart attack yesterday and took a turn for the worse last night. He is on life support and a ventilator. The heart attack blew apart the top of his heart (this is what I was told) and he maybe even looking at a heart transplant if he even pulls through. They said he has blockages in all arteries around the heart. He has 3 children and one on the way. His wife's name is Andrea.

Thank you for praying.
Bro. Patrick Gimenez

Gordon Horton


Here is Gordon and the girls in the hospital and a picture of their driveway after a neighbor cleared it off for them. Gordon is doing good. He was in church both services yesterday and they had good services. He plans to stay home this week and will start the Bible institute back next week. Again thank you for your prayers. Sis Dee


Hi Everyone,

Well Gordon got home about 5pm today. The snow storm was so bad it took them a long time but they made it safely. Gordon has a temporary, expandable cast on for two weeks and then they will put a permanent one on. He was in a lot of pain but otherwise doing fine. We cannot thank you all enough for your prayers and pray you will continue to pray for him and his healing.

God bless you all, Bro. Jerry and Dee


Gordon called this morning. He said he was in surgery about an hour. They put the plate in and nine screws. I think the plate will stay but the screws will probably come out. He is not sure yet if he gets to come home tonight or have to wait until tomorrow. They will keep him in a soft cast until the wound is almost healed then put a hard cast on. We sure appreciate all the prayers.

Bro. Jerry and Sis. Dee

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Prayer request for Bill Couch

This is from Curtis and Debra Couch, missionareis to Chile, now on furlough.

Dear Friends,

Please pray for my dad, Bill Couch, his kidneys are not working normally but a specialist is watching over him. The doctor said that his bladder cancer was affecting them and maybe had injured them. They are hoping that they will heal up and go back to working.

My dad said last night that he felt like giving up. Please pray for him and his need. His stomach and bowels have not woke up as yet and needs to so he can eat again and gain some strength back.

Please pray for him.


Curtis & Debra Couch

Pray for Gordon Horton and family

I really don't have much news on this situation and I got this in a round about way on Friday the 7th. Evidently this happened while Gordon was on visitation. I want to pass along this prayer request for one of our missionary families in Canada, Gordon and Lorri Horton.

Update on Gordon! The doctors said that Gordon shattered his fibula bone and they are going to have to put a plate and screws in his ankle. He is lying on a stretcher waiting for surgery so please pray he can go in soon and not have to wait a long time. Lori is dropping the girls off at a members house and going to the hospital but a big snow storm is starting and is suppose to snow until Sunday sometime. They have a plow on their truck but Lori has never worked it. We sure appreciate all your prayers.

Bro. and Sis. Nye

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on Long's car wreck in Honduras.

Here is an update from James and Marie Long, MWBM missionaires in Honduras.

Dear Friends,

I apologize for not writing sooner, but a lot has happened since we got back. All of Marie's test came back negative. We praise the Lord for this and thank all of you for praying for her. There were two men saved while we were in the States. Jose and Elvis were saved one night while Brother Trent Horten was preaching. Brother Scott Spires bought us a van for the church. He and Brother Harold Floyd brought it down to us. We had twenty people in it Sunday night. Brother Scott had lost his passport in Guatemala, so he didn't get to leave when Brother Harold left. I took him to the American Embassy to get a new one on Monday. We left on Tuesday afternoon to take him to the airport in San Pedro Sula. It was dark by the time we got close to San Pedro and as we were going toward the airport, there was a semi setting in the road with his lights off. We didn't see it until it was to late. As soon as we seen it, we hit it. Brother Scott said,"Look out!" and leaned to the left and half the car went under the truck. It pushed the top back to the back of the front seat. If Scott had not leaned to the left, he would have been killed. He hit his face on something and was cut over his left eye. It took five sticthes. His face and nose were scratched really bad and it blacked both his eyes. Marie was in the back on the passengers side. Nothing was broken, but the seat belt really bruised her and there is some imflamation on her lungs. Her and Scott spent the night in the hospital. All I got was one little bruise on my arm. God is eternally good, but He sure did prove it to us again that night. The police said it was my fault and I had to pay a fine. The fault was I am an american in Honduras. It totaled the Blazer and we don't have a car. We have the van, but it was for the church. I still owe about $3,000.00 on the Blazer. The devil tried to kill Scott for helping missionaeies and us for being here preaching truth to these precious people, but he found out again that the heart of the king is still in the Lord's hand and He still turneth it whithersoever He will. Marie is still not feeling so good, but we are not discouraged. We are more sure that we are in the center of God's will for us. Please continue to pray for us that God will use us mightly. Please pray also that we can get another car. We love y'all. Jim and Marie Long

Here are a few pictures of the car.