Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on Josh Tinsley

From the Charles Tinsley family.

Wendy Tinsley reports: “I do see the results of prayer already in Josh, since we asked several people to pray after we saw the neurologist...he's only had about 3 headaches, since then, and they were not as bad as usual, so for that I am very thankful, and I know it's God, answering our prayers. But do continue to pray, as his sedated MRI will be on May2… I know it has to be done, and he will have to get an IV, so please pray it will go smoothly and as pain free as possible for him… and us…”

We appreciate so very much your prayers for Josh. Please do continue to pray for him

Bro. Tinsley

Pray for the Hill family

The Gary Hill Family
MWBM missionaries to the US Hispanics

I just spoke with missionary Gary Hill who has asked us to please pray for their 22 month old baby girl, Emma. Emma has been in the hospital since Monday with mersa or MRSA infection. They at first thought it was just a bad boil put it has turned out to be much more serious than that. As you may know, this can be quite resistant to many different antibiotics.

They thank you in advance for your faithful prayers.

Bro. Kindhart

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Missionaries soon to depart for their fields.

The John Beck family now have their visas and are just about ready to leave for Spain. They have prayed long for these visas.

The Chris McBryar family had their departure interview today and are getting ready to leave for Chile on June the 10th.

Please pray for these families. Many of you know the great amount of work that comes with getting everything ready to move to the field.

Bro. Kindhart

Amy Mussell

Sister Amy Mussell, missionary to Mexico, has been having a lot of trouble with her back. She asks that we pray she can get her health back so she can soon be leaving for the field. Her back pain has been really bad.

Bro. Kindhart

Carl Braswell

Sister Shirley called in today and said the doctors said the corrective surgery went well on Bro. Braswell. They will again have to wait for the swelling to go down and hopefully this time everything can stay in place and Bro. Carl can get the much needed help needed from this surgery.

They ask that you keep him in your prayers. He should be able to go home tomorrow.

Bro. Fred

Connie Anderson - riots in Haiti

A quick note to ask you all to pray for us. The people have taken to the streets since last weekend and there were very bad with riots here in TiGoave yesterday. In O'Cayes there were 5 killed but we have not heard yet this morning what is happening here.
The prices on things have gone sky high and it is very hard for the people to live. (Rice was $130 a sac and is now up to $220.00 as of today.) We have no idea what this is going to lead to. Please pray for our safety and for our people as well. I talked to Pastors Franck and Zizi this morning and they were fine, but very concerned. Zizi has been trying to get my supplies up here to me but to no avail. I told him that is the least of our worries, and not be out trying to get through those crowds. We are fine and can last a few days.
Thank so much for your prayers.

Connie Anderson