Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ben and Jeannine Millican

We received and email from the Millicans and we need to ask you to please be praying much for Sis. Jeannine. On August the 18th, Sis. Jeannine started seeing double. Her eye doctor sent her on to the Emergency Room, were they found a small tumor on the left lobe of her brain, and at first they thought she had possibly had a stroke as well.
An MRI confirmed that there is a tumor but that she didn’t have a stroke. The tumor is small and a Doctor friend advises them to wait as it could take many years to be a problem. It seems from what they have heard so far, they usually let this type tumor get quite a bit bigger than it is right now before operating. It also seems to be a slow growing type, but again, they are going to have to watch it.
She is out of the hospital and at home now. She went back to the eye doctor yesterday. Although she is still seeing double, she seems to be some better and they believe that God is already answering prayer. I just spoke with Bro. Millican on the phone and they are encouraged and trusting the Lord.
They do thank you in advance for your every prayer for them.
Thank you so much.

Earth Quake and Hurricane

Just a note to thank the Lord and to let you know that none of our MWBM missionaries have been hurt in the recent earth quake in Peru, or hurricane across the Caribbean.

Probably the most affected, that we know about was Sis. Connie Anderson in Haiti. They are fine physically and their home and other building are fine. What did happen is that their gardens and fruit trees have been destroyed. As many of you know, Sis. Connie lives in a remote area in Haiti and they depend a lot on the crops they get from their own harvest. With eleven orphans it can take a lot to feed them, and whatever fruit or vegetables that are coming in at the time are a great help. This will mean more trips off the mountain and more store bought food.

Thank you for your prayers for all our missionaries, and especially for the ones in these affected areas.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Home Going of another Great Veteran Missionary

I know that most of you have already heard by now, but I wanted to write a few lines about BIMI missionary Johnny Todd who was killed in a car wreck on Saturday evening around 7 PM the 11th of Aug. 2007.

Bro. Todd was driving home from a funeral of a church member in one of their works there in Ghana, Africa. He had just talked with his wife on his cell phone twenty three minutes before the wreck. His last words to his dear wife were, "I love you." There was a large truck that broke down in the middle of the highway with no lights or signal of any kind. Bro. Todd was driving and didn't realize the truck was stopped. The doctors said that he and the two nationals with him were killed instantly.

Please pray for his dear wife who has been battling cancer lately. I believe that at least two of their children are missionaries. One of his daughters, Deborah, is the wife of Dwayne Harrison and they are missionaries with us at Macedonia World Baptist Missions and are missionaries in Mali, West Africa.

Some of their other children are here in the USA and are trying to get to Ghana for the funeral of their dear father, who will be buried in Ghana. Please pray because I know it will be difficult coming up with the needed finances to make this long trip.

Bro. Todd and his family have done a tremendous work for God in Africa. Many souls have been saved and churches started because he gave his heart to God and the work in Africa. Missionary Johnny Todd is truly one of the all time great missionaries. We will certainly be praying for the Todd family.

Where are the replacements that will give themselves to God for the work of reaching lost souls? You can't really "replace" great missionaries like Johnny Todd and Terry Anderson, but God has someone to take up the baton of this, the greatest race on earth. The race to reach lost souls before they die without hope!

If God has touched your heart about becoming a missionary, please contact us at Macedonia World Baptist Missions. We would love to be of help to you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

City Wide Campaign in Bulgaria

I heard from the Jeff Krontz family, missionaries in Bulgaria with MWBM, and they plan to distribute any where from 150,000 to 200,000 John and Romans booklets in the City of Sofia between the 7th – 15th of September. They have a group of 35 people coming from the States to help in this effort.

Each person will receive a John and Romans booklet along with an invitation. The invitation is to the largest auditorium in the city. We have rented one of their hall there. On Saturday, September 15th at 6:00pm they will be preaching the gospel to all that will come and listen. During this time they will be passing out cards to fill out with name, address, phone number for information about all that attend. Those that fill out the card they will receive a whole hardback Bulgarian Bible.

They will also canvas another area of the city that has about 40,000 Gypsies. These John and Romans will have the same flyer but a different date. On Sunday, September 16th at 3:00pm we will have another meeting in this area of the city.

They have done this all over Eastern Europe and Russia with great effect upon each city that it has been done in. Please pray for this outreach to a city that has a little over 2 million people.

Let's trust God with the Krontz family for great things from God in these days!

Amy Mussell

I heard from Missionary Amy Mussell and she is doing well and recovering from her recent surgery and the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever too. She is quite weak still and it will take some time for her to regain her strength.

She asks for prayer that the Lord will give her the meetings and the last of her support needed so she get get to the field very soon. Many of you missionaries know that that last part sometimes seems like will never come in so you get get to the field of your calling! But it will and God is working and He has things right on tract and on time.

God bless you Sis. Amy and you are in our prayers.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Keith Shumaker in Burkina Faso

I spoke briefly with Bro. Keith today. They are doing well and the Lord is greatly blessing the work there. It is truly amazing how the Lord is saving souls and the work is growing there.

We want to say a big thank you to the Shumakers for being willing to serve the Lord in that far away country of Burkina Faso, Africa. Many lives and families are being saved and added to the churches.

Keep up the wonderful work there Keith and Rebecca.

Visit their website at www.theharvest.net

Update on Amy Mussell

Amy Mussell is home from the hospital and doing pretty well. Had a lot of soreness and pain but I guess that is to be expected with the surgery. She is going back for a checkup tomorrow.

Thank you all for your prayers on Amy's behalf.

God bless you.